Sudeep Nagarkar launched his new book, ‘The Secrets we Keep,’ at KLF corner in Bhubaneswar  

Bhubaneswar: The platform of Kalinga Literary Festival hosted its second book launch, at the 5th Kalinga Literary Festival Corner, on the 25th of May, 2019. Much acclaimed author, Sudeep Nagarkar, released his book, ‘The Secrets we Keep,’ and the event was conducted in collaboration with Penguin India and Oxford Bookstore.

The Kalinga Literary Festival Corner is a cozy literary meet, that takes place every month. It is all about the sessions of interactions and literary discussions with acclaimed literary figures. It aims at gearing up the community for the revival of literature.

Sudeep Nagarkar is a youth icon in the literary spree, and the author of over 10 bestsellers. He is famous for penning down love. The ever-cherished author tried his hands at thriller for the first time, and we are glad to have hosted the release. The programme was coordinated by KLF Team members, Saranya Das, Debamitra Mishra and the manager of Oxford Bookstore, Jagdish Behra.

“When you’re writing for the first time, the love story remains interesting. But if it’s the 10th time, you have to add something more. That is why I opted for a thriller. The book talks about those incidents that happen unknowingly. The book also has anangle of sibling love.
People questioned taking up writing full time. But my parents were very supportive.
Romance or mythology, the readers should get a good story. I have to sketch characters in a way that will leave an impact on the readers.
Revenge makes you lose a lot of people around you. That shouldn’t happen.
Before writing the first draft, I make sure that I’m clear about the characters. Else, one gets stuck and it’s depressing.”

~ Sudeep Nagarkar, book launch of ‘The Secrets we Keep,’ at Oxford Bookstore, in collaboration with Kalinga Literary Festival and Penguin India.