Sri Sri University Celebrates Its 6th Convocation

Bhubanswar: Sri Sri university hosted their 6th convocation ceremony on 5th September 2019. The concourse was graced by Shri Naba Kishore Das, Minister, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Odisha as the Chief Guest of the event. Prof. K.K. Aggarwal, Chairman, National Board of Accreditation graced the event as the Guest of Honour.

The other eminent guests presiding at the ceremony were, Mrs Rajita Kulkarni, President, Sri Sri University, Prof. Ajay Kr. Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Sri Sri University and Commodore Ghanashyam Ojha, Executive Registrar, Sri Sri University. Addressing from Mongolia, the Founder and lifetime President of SSU, Poojya Gurudev, Sri Sri Ravishankarji said, “Once upon a time, India was leading as a Centre of academic excellence and we have to revive our tradition.”

He emphasized the need for an international study on mediation and conflict resolution which is the need of the hour. He added that the ones who are ahead of time are creators, whereas, the ones who are on time are managers. He encouraged a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the students. Hon’ble Minister, Shri Naba Kisore Das said, “As the students start their career with the blessings of Guruji and you are lucky to get that opportunity as the students of this University. And what I have learned from Guruji is that Love is the most important thing in this universe.” President of the university, Rajita Kulkarni said, “It’s not about staying in course with time but staying ahead of time. So make a vision of life and have the ultimate grit in your stomach to see through it.”

During his speech, Vice-Chancellor, Ajay Kr. Singh said, “I am sure that the students of this University will be one of those Universities in the world which would be known for developing people who can not only lead but can serve in the best possible manner.” A total of 354 students, including 152 postgraduates and 202 undergraduates received their degree certificates on this auspicious day of convocation; 16 other students received gold medals for outstanding academic performance under various specializations of 16 different courses. Those students namely, Vanita Srivastava (M.A. Yoga), Grishma Raj Aryal (M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication), Manojit Panda (M.A. Good Governance and Public Policy), Dr. Prajakta Kadu Kadam,(M.Sc. Osteopathy), Prajwal Godha(BBA), Chinmayee Choudhury (B.Com.), Itishree Parija (B.Com. (Retail Management)), Yash Singhal (B.Com. (Travel and Tourism Management), G Kushali (B.A. Yoga), Daisy Sharma (Bachelor of Performing Arts (Odissi). Apart from these students, Michelle Dhawan, Sawant Sukanya Sudhakar, Gunjan Chirania, Pooja Arvindbhai Pansuriya, Bhavik Kanotiya, Amritkar Umesh Suresh were awarded gold medals from different specializations in MBA. A Research Scholar Sri Prafulla Padhi was awarded Doctorate Degree at the Convocation.

Four persons were awarded Prestigious Honorary Doctorate Honoris Causa Degree. They were His Eminence, Parmeshwar Nath Mishra, Jurist, renowned lawyer of Ramajamabhoomi Babri Masjid Case, Sri D.K. Hari, Researcher and Author on Bharat Gyan, Mrs D.K. Hema Hari, Researcher and Author and Shri Shriram Murlidhar Chauthaiwala, Vedic Mathematician. This Annual Mega event was witnessed by 1500 Students, Teachers, Non-Teaching Faculty members both live on campus as well as on online platforms.

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