Southwest Monsoon Covers Entire Country Including Delhi

New Delhi: According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD) weather bulletin issued here today the Southwest Monsoon has further advanced into remaining parts of the country including Delhi, remaining parts of Uttar Pradesh,Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. Thus, the Southwest Monsoon has covered entire country on13th July,against the normal date of 08th July.

The continued prevalence of moist easterly winds from the Bay of Bengal in the lower levels for the last four days resulted in enhanced cloud cover and scattered to fairlywide spread rainfall.

The monsoon advanced over Delhi, thus occurred on 13th July against the normal dateof 27th June.

The dates of advance of monsoon over the country and Delhi against their normal date in recent years are shown intable1.

Rainfall recorded (from 0830 hours IST of 12.07.2021 to 0830 hours IST of 13.07.2021) (in cm),over areas where Monsoon advanced today is as follows:

Safdarjung-2.5, Ayanagar-1.3, Palam-2.4, CHO Lodi Road-0.9, Ridge-1.0, Gurgram-5.1, Faridabad-2.8, Panipath-1.0, Rohtak-2.2, Hisar-3.3, Fatehabad-3.0, Jaisalmer-7.7,Bikaner-6.8, Churu-9.0.

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