Social distancing is not social boycotting says Odisha CM; lauds Odisha Police for ensuring ZERO WALKING INSIDE state

Bhubaneswar: Social distancing is not social boycotting. A combination of awareness creation coupled with strict action is required. This would also be a target for this week says Naveen Patnaik during a review meeting. CM Patnaik also launda Odisha Police. The humane work done by police in ensuring ZERO WALKING INSIDE Odisha is praise worthy. Good job done says CM Naveen Patnaik.

Next 15-30 days crucial says CM Naveen Patnaik . With resumption of flights and train services, the coming 15 days to a month will be more challenging & with strict social distancing, wearing masks and repeated hand washing we should be able to successfully contain the spread of pandemic says Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

We are one of the leading states in testing in the country. We could establish decentralized testing facilities in every part of Odisha. But we have to restrategise our response says CM Naveen Patnaik . Testing has to be smart to take care of our Frontline workers & vulnerable population. I am happy to know that we are one of the leading states in testing in the country & that we could establish decentralized testing facilities in every part of the state says Naveen Patnaik. We have tuned our basic mandatory quarantine period on par with ICMR recommendations. At the same time empowered collectors to further extend institutional quarantine on a need based manner in the overall interest of containing COVID spread says Naveen Patnaik.

TMCs at GP level are doing a great job in containing the spread. 95% of our positive cases are from quarantine centers. This shows the robustness of our system & the efforts put by sarpanches, peoples rep & the entire govt machinery says CM Patnaik. As I always say its a long drawn fight and so far we have handled it well & we are restrategising our approach based on new learnings. The efforts to do small certification courses for persons in quarantine will help us handle the situation even more efficiently in future says CM Patnaik.