Slice Launches New #AamNahiKhaasHoTum Campaign

New Delhi : To celebrate the spirit of India’s resilience and stories of ordinary citizens who reflected extraordinary qualities in trying times, beverage brand Slice® today launched its new initiative, ‘Aam Nahi Khaas Ho Tum’. Slice for the first time has launched an emotional and impactful ode to celebrate the selfless acts of these unsung heroes who tirelessly worked towards helping each other in their limited capacity during the second wave of the pandemic. Celebrity actor – writer, Piyush Mishra, has been specially roped in to lend his powerful voice to this tribute.


The brand is also changing its logo for the first time to reveal the inspiring stories of these ‘Khaas’ citizens – for example, of a gentleman called Rajiv Singhal who provided home cooked meals to over 200 patients free of cost; or Javed Khan who converted his auto rickshaw into a mini ambulance for helping critical patients during the challenging times. The brand has launched a special interactive AR filter that lets consumers scan the Slice® logo, anywhere – on the bottle, on a billboard, or anywhere in the virtual world, changing into a tribute for these COVID heroes.


Speaking on the new campaign, Anuj Goyal, Associate Director, Tropicana and Slice, PepsiCo India said, “The last few months have been extremely trying for the entire Nation. However, in these difficult times, the resilience of the people of our country has come to the forefront. We saw an army of citizens: young, old, men, women – all coming together to support each other. Today, through Slice ‘Aam Nahi Khaas Ho Tum’ campaign, we aim to recognize these COVID heroes, and in our own way salute their indomitable spirit by putting up some of their stories in place of the brand logo across platforms, thereby reflecting their moments of courage and selflessness.”


In the past few months, as India faced the second wave of the ongoing health challenge, citizens across the nation selflessly stepped forward to help each other and their communities – whether it was support through amplifying resources, raising funds for the needy, providing transportation for the sick or be it exchanging information for provision of hospital beds or oxygen cylinders. As part of the campaign, the Slice logo on the bottles and anywhere across the virtual world will change into the story of a Covid hero using the AR filter.


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