Sixth edition of ODISHA CUP to be held in Dubai

Dubai: Sixth edition of ODISHA CUP to be held in 2018 had its team group selection yesterday in Dubai.
Team meeting was led by Mr.Rajat, Mr.Susant and Mr.Sujit. It also had the merciful presence of advisers list which included Mr.Susant Panda , Mr.Amiya Mishra and Mr.Priyadarshi Panigrahi.
All the teams were present and were represented by their captain and managers. The teams and managers were handed over the rule book and itenary schedule.
This year the season starts with Seniors Odisha Cup on 12th Oct. where many esteemed senior Odia players will participate. Much awaited Odisha Cup Cricket tournament where a record 10 teams will take part shall start on 19th Oct, 2018. Moreover,a new DRS policy has been incorporated this year where each team will have 1 review in each innings. Odisha cup spokes person Mr.shadab said all were happy n satisfied with the meeting and all are looking forward to a season which promises loads of actions.