SBI Card revamps brand identity; Unveils new brand logo

New Delhi: SBI Card, one of India’s largest credit card issuers, has unveiled its new brand identity designed to appeal to the millenial generation. The redefined identity reflects the brand’s contemporary and youth-focused outlook and its endeavour to build a stronger connect with millenial consumers.

Over the last two decades, SBI Card has earned the trust of over 7.5 million cardholders and established itself as a pioneering force in the digital payments space. While the SBI Card brand name is synonymous with this strong legacy of trust and credibility, and backed by the heritage of the SBI mother brand, the organisation also has a very agile, consumer focused and progessive outlook and has been at the forefront of innovation in the digital payments business. From the latest technology based solutions to industry leading products designed for new age customers, SBI Card has consistently understood and catered to evolving consumer preferences and needs. The new identity will mirror the organisation`s forward thinking approach and resonate with the young India.

As part of the brand makeover, SBI Card has unveiled its new logo. The logo retains the iconic blue Keyhole and SBI wordmark for the immense trust, credibility and heritage that the mother-brand SBI lends to the brand while the styling for the word ‘Card’ has been changed to a more approachable typeface. Overall the font and design have been made younger, friendlier and more contemporary. The new logo is a balance between the brand`s heritage and the progressive approach it has internalised.

Mr. Hardayal Prasad, MD & CEO, SBI Card said, ’We are delighted to unveil our new brand identity which we believe will appeal to the modern sensibilties of the new India. With millenial consumer segment set to increase to 410 million by 2020 , we have, over past few years been focusing our efforts at developing best in class solutions designed to meet their needs. As a brand we aspire to play a key role in enhancing and enriching their lives and feuling their ambitions. Our new identity reflects that we are ready for the young India, building on the the solid legacy we have developed over 2 decades.’

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