Sany India launches 16 new products

Bhubaneswar: Sany India, a leading manufacturer of construction equipment, heavy machinery and renewable energy solutions unveiled today over 16 new products.  The new product line includes technologically advanced excavators, batching plant, concrete machinery, truck cranes, road equipment etc. All the products are designed to stay true to the company’s vision of quality changes the world. Mr. Deepak Garg, Chief Executive Officer for Sany Group, India and South Asia said , “We are delighted and proud to have launched our new products. With features like technologically advanced design, fuel efficiency, superior performance, high reliability and digitalization; Sany’s products have emerged as the game changer in the industry. I am confident that our company will soon be among the top 3 players in the industry, thanks to our ultramodern and global quality product range, strong dealer network and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. With significant investment in sectors like infrastructure, railways, roads, irrigation, energy, ports, we plan to further enhance our product line in India.” “India is one of the core markets for Sany Group and our growth trajectory here has been quite impressive, to say the least. Our Pune facility has a manufacturing capacity of 5000 units of excavators and 3000 units of concrete machinery and cranes. The effort is to continuously upgrade and expand our manufacturing capacity to meet the burgeoning demands of the customers. With best in class equipment, great infrastructure, strong manpower, and dealership network, Sany India has become a key player in infrastructure equipment industry” he addedThe 14 new technologically superior products that are displayed at the expo has already become a cynosure of all eyes. Few of the product names and features are listed below:1. PAVER (SSP90C-6 and SAP60C-6)The new Sany Pavers have 900 ton per hour and 450 ton per hour paving capacity.  These pavers come loaded with various advanced features like; advanced spiral technology ensuring uniform flow of material, automatic temperature control to stop stickiness of aggregates & to ensure uniform heat distribution, high grade wears resistant plates and high cooling capacity to name a few. The ergonomically designed dashboard & remote control is operator friendly and ensures ease of operation & high productivity.

2. MOTOR GRADER  (STG170)This grader with 172 HP reliable engine comes with a 3 stage filtration system for high torque, optimized fuel efficiency& high productivity. The NOSPIN differential technology ensures anti-skid performance and powerful workability. Sany Graders are also known from best in class drawbar pull. With this launch, Sany India has now graders in 120 HP, 160 HP, 170 HP, and 200 HP categories.3. CRAWLER AND ALL TERRAIN CRANES  (SCC800A-1, SAC300S, SAC4000S)Some of the unique features include superior lifting capacity with latest safety features, a GPS monitoring system, an ultra-long boom for wide working radius and electronic control technology. In addition, this machine has an inbuilt hydraulic control technology.4. TRANSIT MIXERS (STM10P, STM8P)These transit mixers with 10 cubic meter and 8 cubic meter capacity are loaded with features like an advanced spiral design for superior mixing of concrete and lesser discharge residual; its large capacity oil cooler increases the efficiency of the Hydraulic system. These new entrants offer high reliability, high geometric volume, and minimum filling, discharging and cleaning time.5. CONCRETE PUMP (HBT5010C51 LEGEND SERIES and HBT6013C51 LEGEND SERIES )Sany legendary HBT S-Valve technology concrete pumps are re-launched in the Indian market. These proven and reliable concrete pumps are designed for high performance to meet the toughest job requirements like high rise pumping, heavy-duty applications like dam projects. Sany has got a wide range of pumping solutions from 30 Cubic meters per hour capacity to 120 cubic meters per hour. Its Intelligent control system helps monitor equipment status in real time thereby reducing the troubleshooting time thanks to Sany new gen SYMC control systems.6. BATCHING PLANT (HZS300)This new plant comes with a batching capacity of 300 cubic meters per hour. With its optimum batch size and energy-saving technology, it helps immense energy saving with 10% more efficiency. This plant also comes equipped with a system of separate weighing hoppers for cement and fly ash with simultaneous batching, reduced cycle time and almost 100% productivity level. Customers can opt for buying a fully covered mixer structure for environment-friendly and safer operation.7. BOOM PUMP (SYG5230THB)This new 37m truck-mounted boom pump offers an additional 1-meter boom length and a latest 5 section boom design which is very compact and meeting the regulations. Sany offers an additional 40% extra power which makes it very suitable for toughest applications. It gives high operational efficiency due to high low-pressure switching. Its inbuilt S-Valve technology increases productivity and efficient pumping.
8. EXCAVATORS (SY215C-9, SY230LC-9H)Sany excavators come loaded with Dynamic Optimization Matching Control System (DOMCS) which realizes a match between the engine and external load demand for better fuel efficiency. Reinforced front attachments strengthened the upper structure and robust undercarriage provides Sany excavators enhanced reliability & long life of components hereby maximizing your gains. The machine has comfortable seating arrangements and cabin space for wider visibility and easy access to switches.

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