Sand artist Manas Sahoo made sand sculpture of Radha, Krishna On the occasion of Holi

Puri: The festival of Holi is unique and the whole world plays Holi with multiple colours. An atmosphere of fraternity and friendship is generated in the festivity of Holi. International sand artist Sri Manas Kumar Sahoo has made a sand sculpture of Lord Radha and Krishna at Manas Sahoo’s Sand Art Park situated at golden sea-beach of Puri. As Lord Krishna plays Holi with natural color, people too should play Holi in natural color and should rejoice in the color of Holi and while giving all the good wishes of Holi to one and all, Mr. Sahoo has also urged everyone to refrain from colors filled with harmful chemicals.


This sand art is of 15 feet in width and some 15 tonnes of sand is used to make it. It took nearly eight hours to make it. Here the artist has given the message of “Play Eco-friendly and safe Holi.

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