SakRobotix announced the launch of “SAK ROBOTIX SCHOOL RESEARCH CENTER”


Bhubaneswar, 20 June 2019 : SakRobotix an Indian Robotics Start-up headquartered in  Bhubaneswar that designs, develops, research, and sells Robots, Robotics DIY KIT, Robotics toys, and offer robotics education today announced the launch of “SAK ROBOTIX SCHOOL RESEARCH CENTER”
Announcing the launch Mr Sakyasingha Mohapatra, Founder, CEO & MD, Sak Robotix Pvt. Ltd. Said, “Sak Robotix Pvt. Ltd is the startup into robotics registered startup of startup Odisha and startup India, working in the field of robotic research and education. Till date we have trained more than 1 lakh students across India on robotics. Today we announce the launch of SakRobotix School Research Center.
Sak Robotix Pvt Ltd started its journey since 2012 with a mission to find and empower the hidden talents of our country INDIA in robotics to make India as the next Robotics Capital of the world by engaging them into robotics research & development.
To make our country “India the next robotic capital of the world”, Through SakRobotix School Research Center, we are offering robotics education to the students at an early stage in the schools. From our experience in working with the schools and colleges across the country, we analyzed that robotics education in India is an under penetrated market. Hence to introduce robotics in the K12 segment, we worked for several years and developed one of the most unique and innovative robotics curriculums for the school students. We also created unique robotics DIY (Do it Yourself) kits for every class.  Anyone can develop more than 12 different projects by using our DIY kits”, said Mr Mohapatra.
Looking at the requirement of robotic education for students for all schools, SakRobotix conceptualized SakRobotix center. Average cost to learn robotics in India for a short term robotic programme (7 to 15 hrs) is Rs 5000/-. Looking at the global market countries like US, Germany, Australia and Japan where robotics education has already been introduced as an elementary education however in India we found robotics education only in the high end schools, where the yearly cost of learning is in between Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 20,000/- per student. Till date we are working  with …..schools and …..number of students are learning.
Why Robotic Education In Schools:-1. Creativity2. Innovation3. Preparing kids for 21st century job force4. 100% hands on activity based learning5. Team work6. Project based learning7. Robotics is the future8. Transform students in to scientists9. Application based learning10. Idea to prototype making learning



With a thought “Equality In Education” Sak Robotix proposed the high-tech robotics education must and should be in every school in the villages as well as private schools.
In today’s time, robots play a vital role in the industry 4.O. Application of robots are huge in all the sectors. We can replace human with a robot in the 4D condition ( Dull, Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous). There will great rise in demand of robotics in future. Earlier robots are used in industry only but today we can see large scale robotics applications in the service sector. Banks, hotels and many service sector are started deploying robots in their workflow. As in past there was a computer revolution, now we its the robotics revolution. It’s time now to learn, work and invest on  robotics massively to compete with the global market.
More people needed in this career, because it’s a revolution now in India. There is a need of huge manpower as robotics instructor to educate India on robotics. There is a need of robotics scientists in huge no to develop Robots for all sectors. Robot manufacturing in india is a new opportunity which needs more manpower. There is a growing demand of Robotics professionals in india which enabled various Universities to offer robotics education program be it B.Tech on Robotics or M.Tech on Robotics.

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