Safdarjung Hospital hosts Seminar on Integrating Yoga into Medical Practice

The Yoga and Naturopathy OPD & Lifestyle Intervention Centre at Safdarjung Hospital, under the Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy (CCRYN), Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, successfully organized a seminar titled “Integrating Yoga into Medical Practice to Enhance Well-Being of Patients and Healthcare Providers.”

The seminar brought together distinguished experts from the fields of yoga, healthcare, and research to explore the multifaceted benefits of incorporating yoga into medical practices. The event was attended by around 85 medical professionals from Safdarjung Hospital, including Dr Jayanthi Mani Additional Medical Superintendent , Dr R P Arora ams, Dr Gaurav Arora AMS , allopathy doctors, residents, nursing staff, healthcare administrators, and doctors from the AYUSH department, stated Dr Sujatha George Yoga & Naturopathy Senior Consultant Physician.


Key highlights of the seminar included:

•  Evidence-based insights into the physiological and psychological benefits of yoga, presented by esteemed speakers such as Dr. Ragavendra Rao, Director of CCRYN.

•  Discussions on collaborative research opportunities between researchers and practitioners to further validate and expand the use of yoga in medical settings.

•  A practical session on “Healthy Lifestyle Practices & Yoga for Healthcare Professionals,” highlighting the importance of yoga for reducing burnout and improving mental health among healthcare providers was taken by Dr Athiray K.R.

•  Introduction of the “Y-Break” initiative, a short, guided yoga session designed for the workplace by the Ministry of AYUSH, to promote mental and physical health among employees.

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