Your Romantic Caribbean Vacation: Islands for All Types of Tourists


The cocktail of the local cuisine, diverse culture, history, and nature makes the Caribbean islands a desired tourist destination. Travelers from different corners of the world flock here to spend their vacations, honeymoons, or romantic getaways. If you take a look at the map, you might get confused which island to choose (there are more than seven thousand islands). Everything depends on your interests and preferences. Here is a useful guide to the Caribbean islands to help you pick your next holiday destination.

The best romantic island: St. Lucia

This island is popular with honeymooners from However, St. Lucia has something for everyone. It is also a great option for those who travel to the Caribbean for the first time. Lovebirds prefer Jade Mountain and Ladera resorts due to their sandy beaches and the view of the Pitons – two volcanic peaks that are very photogenic. If you get tired of the beaches, it’s time for hiking. The Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, the Millet Bird Sanctuary, the Edmund Forest Reserve, and the Rainforest Adventure – here are just the main spots to explore. After an active day, relax in the local SPAs.

The best resorts for a family vacation: the Bahamas

Couples with kids can confidently pick the Bahamas for their Caribbean vacation. Its capital city, Nassau, has a lot of stuff to offer to keep your kids entertained. Kids will be thrilled to explore the zoo at Ardastra Gardens, where a lot of tropical animals and plants can be found. The Pirates of Nassau Museum, set in a pirate ship, is a must both for adults and children. Take a boat ride to Exuma to see the famous swimming pigs and join them in the crystal waters. History lovers should definitely visit Fort Charlotte

The best diving experiences: Curacao

If you can’t imagine a perfect vacation without scuba diving, Curacao will be the best Caribbean destination for you. There are more than 40 areas where you can explore the depths of the Caribbean Sea in Curacao. Even snorkeling provides amazing views of the seabed. If you want to see even more, there are many diving operators that will allow you to explore the wrecks, massive coral reefs, and fishes of all shapes. Probably, the most famous spot for snorkeling is the Curacao Underwater Marine Park. Mushroom Forest and the Blue Room are the most vivid attractions there to explore with your loved one.

The best destination for foodies: Anguilla

This island is for those who like cooking in general, tasting exotic dishes, bargaining at the markets, and trying street food. Probably, the most popular resort in Anguilla is CuisinArt. There you can find not only luxurious restaurants that serve refined dishes, you can take several master classes or book a wine tasting session. In such restaurants as De Cuisine, you can order meals cooked from fresh products grown in the island.

The best place for a luxurious vacation: St. Barthelemy

The residents of this popular with famous and well-to-do people predominantly speak French. The island has become popular thanks to its beautiful beaches, posh boutiques, and fancy restaurants. Many celebrities can be spotted here yachting. There are also splendid villas with butlers.

The best resort for shopping lovers: St. Martin

Thanks to the duty-free policy, shopping in St. Martin is a sheer pleasure. Some people come here for one purpose – to spend their vacation going from one shop to another. All kinds of goods can be found here – from cosmetics and jewelry to alcohol and electric appliances. The best shopping venue is arguably the St. Rose Shopping Mall in Philipsburg.

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