Restore ‘Niti’ in Rajniti

By Amarendra Mohanty
If Niti can be practiced properly in Rajniti, many a problem would be solved. The ‘Niti’ comprises of morale, ethics, and honesty must be the first preference for any political party.
Swachh Rajaniti is essential for Swachh Bharat. Niti should be practiced in day-to-day life to achieve Swachh Rajaniti. It would help in cleaning the dirt from the system and people’s interest should be safeguarded than self-interest.
We have close to 1.4 billion people in India. There are 545 lawmakers in Lok Sabha and 250 lawmakers in Rajya Sabha. There are 31 Chief Ministers in twenty-nine states and two union territories (Delhi and Puducherry). We have close to 4120 Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) in our country. These statistics remind me the famous Pareto principle (80/20 rule or the law of the vital few). We should address 20% of causes which contribute 80% of the problem. If 5000 lawmakers continue to follow the niti, we can find a great difference in quick time! It’s easy to motivate 5000 lawmakers than 1.4 billion people to feel the instant change.
We can see the fall of corruption drastically if we chose the honest people in our political system. But political parties think otherwise; winnability is a factor for them. So usually people having money and muscle power would be given preference in political parties. We need to change our old mindset and bring educated youth people into the political system. There is a need of change in culture in all political parties to eradicate corruption from our country. Leaders should lead by example so that the corruption at the bottom level would be stopped. A strong and honest leader at the helm can create a huge difference. The complete PC (Percentage) culture from top to bottom would be abandoned.
A 2005 study done by the Transparency International in India found that more than 62% of the people had firsthand experience of paying bribes or peddling influence to get services performed in a public office
According to 2016 results of the Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International, India ranks in 79th place out of 176 countries
Our Honorable PM’s call for corruption free India can be a reality sooner if he can motivate those 5000 leaders at the top with the support of all political parties at the helm. Then 1.4 billion people will certainly follow the footstep of their leaders to achieve a corruption free India.
Amarendra Mohanty, IT Professional, Research Scholar & Social Worker. Twitter- @AmarendraM

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