Raipur : In the rescue operation of Rahul Sahu aged about 11 years from Village Pihrid,malkharoda tehsil, people from administration are continuously and tirelessly working now for over 24 hours

New Delhi :The team involves 4 IAS officers in leadership of collector jitendra shukla, 2 IPS officers,5 gazzetted police officials
District heads of department like EE PWD -1, EE PHE,CMHo,EE PHE,EE of various works departments 5 tehsildars , 4 SDOPs, 8 TIs,and 120 police personnel’s , 1 Assistant Mining Officer , are deployed. Apart from administrative machinery help of 32 NDRF personnel, 15 SDRF personnels are also involved our Home guards are actively involved as well. 4 personnel’s from ARMY from colonel to major ranks have also joined the rescue operation.

2 Officials from State PR Department working actively day and night for crisis communication…

The machinery/logistics involved are

Stone breaker -1
Poke lane -3
Tractor -10
Hyva -3
Water tanker -3
Diesal tanker-2
Fire brigade -1
Transporting trailor-1
Pick up-3
Horizontal trunk maker-1
Generator -2
Ambulance -2

All in all more than 500 staffs/personnel are involved in the operation which involves huge peoples support as well with MLA mr yadav leading from the front.

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