Public representatives and social organizations meet Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Madhya Pradesh: On the second day of the Health Appeal Campaign launched by the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for public awakening in relation to corona infection, Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Minister Shri Kamal Patel, Mineral Resources and Labor Minister Shri Brijendra Pratap Singh, MP Ujjain Mr. Anil Ferozia along with Representatives of various societies, including former minister Shri Rampal Singh met the Chief Minister and extended their support to the campaign.

Farmer Welfare and Agriculture Minister Shri Kamal Patel said that the most effective way to protect from corona epidemic is to keep yourself aware and safe. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan is engaged in a campaign to make people aware of the state. Former Minister Shri Rampal Singh and MP Ujjain Shri Anil Ferozia also expressed their views. On this occasion, Mr. Prahlada Das Aggarwal of Agrawal Samaj, Mr. Pramod Jain Himanshu of Jain Samaj, Mr. Ravi Gangrani of Maheshwari Samaj, Mr. Naresh Malviya of MalaviyaRajakSamaj, Mr. Rajaram Shivhare of KalarSamaj met Chief Minister Shri Chauhan and support awareness campaign against corona. Ms. Shamim Afzal of Bhopal said that we are lucky that we got a sensitive Chief Minister like Shri Chouhan. He is constantly striving to reduce the hardships of the people.

Representing the third gender, Devirani and Suraiya of Bhopal thanked Chief Minister Shri Chouhan for including the third gender in the health solicitation campaign. He said that during the door-to-door contact, a campaign will be launched to inform and follow the measures to prevent corona infection.

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