Provision of loan to dairy and animal husbandry

New Delhi : The Government provides loans with interest subvention through the following schemes for promotion and development of dairy and animal husbandry sector across the country:


(i).     Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund(AHIDF)

(ii).    Dairy Processing and Infrastructure Development Fund(DIDF)


(iii). Supporting Dairy Cooperatives and Farmer Producer Organizations engaged in dairy activities (SDC&FPO)


Under AHIDF, the Government provides 3% interest subvention to Farmer Producer Organisation, Private companies, individual entrepreneurs, section 8 companies, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises through the Bank upfront in the first year and subsequently on demand by the bank for each of the beneficiaries on each year on the outstanding amount.


Under DIDF, loan assistance with interest subvention @ 2.5% per annum is provided through NABARD, NDDB and NCDC to the Eligible End Borrows (EEBs). The Eligible End Borrower (EEBs) under DIDF are Co-operative Milk Unions,State Co-operative Milk Federations, Multi-

state Milk Co-operatives, Milk Producer companies, NDDB Subsidiaries, FPO/SHGs registered under cooperatives/companies act.


Under SDC&FPO, loan towards working capital to dairy Cooperatives/FPOs is provided at simple annual interest rate of 5%, calculated on a monthly basis. Further, due to Economic


Impact of Covid-19 on Dairy Sector, the Governmenthas introduced a new activity “interest subvention on Working capital loans for Dairy sector” as a component under this scheme.This


component is implemented by DAHD through NDDB. 2% interest subvention on secured working capital loan is provided including additional 2% interest subvention for prompt and timely repayment.


The details of the schemes being implemented by the Government to promote dairy and animal husbandry across the country are as under:


    1. Rashtriya Gokul Mission(RGM)


    1. National Programme for Dairy Development (NPDD)


    1. Dairy Processing and Infrastructure Development Fund(DIDF)


    1. Supporting Dairy Cooperatives and Farmer Producer Organizations engaged in dairy activities (SDC&FPO)


    1. National Livestock Mission(NLM)


    1. Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund(AHIDF)


    1. Livestock Health & Disease Control(LH&DC)


    1. National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP)

In order to ensure increased credit flow in the form of Kisan Credit Card(KCC) to animal husbandry, dairy & fisheries farmers as announced in Hon’ble Finance Minister’s Budget Speech 2021-22, a target of Rs 61,650 crore for animal husbandry, dairy and fisheries is fixed within the overall term loan target of Rs 6,85,000 crore for agriculture. The proposed target for animal husbandry, dairy and fisheries for 2021-22 is as under;


  (Rs in Crore)
Dairy 35,141
Poultry 13,563
Sheep Goat & Piggery 6781
Fisheries 6165
Total 61,650


This information was given by The Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Parshottam Rupala in the Lok Sabha  in a written reply today.

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