Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, India is increasing its participation on global platforms and a huge honour to host the G20 Presidency at the beginning of Winter Session of Parliament

New Delhi : Today is the first day of the Winter Session (of Parliament). This session is important because we met before 15th August. On 15th August, 75 years of independence were completed and now we are moving forward in the journey of ‘Amrit Kaal’. We are meeting today at a time when India has got the opportunity to preside over the G-20. The manner in which India has made a space in the global community, the manner in which expectations with India have increased and the manner in which India is increasing its participation on global platforms, it is a huge opportunity to host the G20 Presidency at such a time.

This G-20 Summit is not just a diplomatic event, but this G-20 summit is an opportunity to display India’s capability before the world in a holistic manner. Such a large country, mother of democracy, so many diversities, so much potential, and therefore, this is a big opportunity for the world to know India and for India to show its potential to the whole world.

Recently, I had discussions with all the party leaders in a very congenial atmosphere. Its reflection will definitely be seen in the House as well. The same spirit will be visible from the House as well which will be useful for presenting India’s potential in the world. In this session, efforts will be made to take important decisions while keeping in mind taking the country to new heights of development and new opportunities to take the country forward amid the current global situation.  I am sure that all political parties will add more value to the discussion, give new strength to the decisions with their views and help in highlighting the direction more clearly. For the remaining period of this term of the Parliament, I would like to urge all the party leaders and floor leaders to give more opportunities to those who have come to the House for the first time, the new MPs, the young MPs, and increase their participation in discussions for their bright future and prepare the future generation of democracy.

In the past, whenever I have had informal meetings with MPs of almost all political parties, all the MPs say one thing that they suffer a lot due to uproar in the House and frequent adjournments of the House. Young MPs say that Parliament is a big university of democracy and they are devoid of learning and understanding due to non-functioning of the session and in the absence of discussions. They say that they are not getting opportunities and therefore the functioning of the House is very important. This voice emerges especially from the young parliamentarians of all the parties.

MPs from the opposition parties also say that they do not get the opportunity to speak in the debates. They say that they suffer a lot due to frequent disruptions and adjournments of the House. I urge all floor leaders and party leaders to understand the pain of these MPs.  It is very important for democracy that the country should get the benefit of their enthusiasm and zeal to add their potential to the development of the county and to the decision-making processes. I request all the parties and the parliamentarians to make a collective effort towards making this session more productive.

There is another good fortune that today for the first time our Vice-President will start his term as the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha and this will be his first session and the first day. The manner in which our President Droupadi Murmu ji has played an important role in making India proud with the great heritage of India and our tribal traditions, similarly, a farmer’s son will make India proud as the Vice-President and chairman of the Rajya Sabha and will inspire and encourage the MPs. On my behalf, I also wish him many best wishes.

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