PHQ launch massive public awareness campaign to follow Covid protocol in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: Police Headquarters (PHQ) is launching a massive publicity campaign from June 8th through community outreach to create public awareness about Covid, to follow Covid protocol and adopt Corona appropriate behavior on the instructions of Director General of Police Shri Vivek Johri.

Comprehensive guidelines have been issued by Police Headquarters to all the police unit chiefs for the protection of the general public from Covid through an awareness campaign. According to the instructions issued, in the event of unlock, more and more people should follow the Covid protocol and adopt appropriate behaviour for protection. Therefore, one poster will be sent every week by the Police Headquarters to create awareness through social media, posters, hoardings, stickers etc under community outreach.

All the unit heads will post these posters through their social media accounts (Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.) and will also get the same circulated on other active social media groups of the district so that the message reaches maximum number of people. Also, they will get stickers made and pasted on autos, taxis, mini buses etc. so that it will be visible to passengers and people on the road. They have been also told to put up hoardings VMS (Virtual Messages System, posters at prominent places in their areas.

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