Permit App-based Cabs to work as delivery support for home orders to mitigate Coronavirus impact: ASSOCHAM

New Delhi: In order to mitigate risks to the trade and a large workforce, the ASSOCHAM has suggested that the app-based cabs be permitted to act as delivery logistics for online and telephonic orders from the e-commerce players as also the traditional retail stores for household essentials in metro cities where social distancing is being encouraged to stay indoors, in the aftermath of Covid-19 health emergency.

“With people, rightly avoiding crowded markets, there has been a sharp increase in pick-up orders from online platforms. There has also been a big rise in families placing telephonic orders to the retail grocers who too are organising themselves into the home-delivery models of businesses. As there has been a rise in this format of selling, the delivery logistics can be filled in, as emergency and stop-gap measures, by lakhs of app-based cabs, who are facing a severe reduction in passengers,” said ASSOCHAM Secretary General Mr Deepak Sood.

He said, as the drivers of the app-based cabs are facing severe crunch in their business, finding it difficult to service their bank EMIs, the RBI may also consider forbearance for them , as a measure of emergency support.

With a drop in hotel and restaurant business, including the app-driven home delivery models, there are thousands of delivery workforce who can also be used to fill in for logistic support to the neighbourhood grocers, pharmacies and other essential outlets. “However, such quick -fix solutions would require fast policy permissions from the state governments, transport and traffic authorities and IT solutions from the app-based firms. The time is of essence and once the states, in wider coordination from the Centre, put in place a well-defined set of rules, we can have emergency stop-gap business solutions to the extra-ordinary worldwide medical challenges,” the ASSOCHAM said.

It said, the Chamber would also urge the Central authorities to consider the suggestion which is in the spirit of ideas, sought by Hon’ble Prime Minister ShriNarendraModi to deal with different aspects of the Coronavirus emergency.

“The Covid-19 has thrown both the health emergency and the economic related challenges before governments all over the world. Besides the all-important health challenge, one of the major problems is that of displacement of a large number of people who make a living by the day, particularly in the wide array of hospitality and transport sectors. We need extra-ordinary solutions in extra-ordinary situations,” the ASSOCHAM Secretary General said.

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