Patha Utsav to have cancer awareness its central theme, this Sunday

Bhubaneswar: The 28th Patha Utsav will focus on several topics, but the focus will be on cancer and its awareness and survival strategies as the coming Sunday is celebrated worldwide as National Cancer Survivors Day, 2017.
The Health and Family Welfare Department, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, Bhubaneswar Development Authority and other government agencies will showcase how is of tobacco results in cancer and how it acts as a major hurdles for development.
However, besides the awareness on cancer facilities will also be there to have tests on blood pressure, blood sugar and diabetes, eye screening and chest related diseases. Yoga sessions will also be organised on this occasion to make people have an array of health-care awareness camps along the 1.5 km stretch of Janpath from Master Canteen to Ram Mandir.
Director State Institute of Health and Family Welfare Dr. PK Acharya said “as preventive care has become the in thing in health-care management practices world over, the awareness on cancer and other diseases would be a great opportunity for visitors to get them screened.’’
National Cancer Survivors Day, 2017, will fall on June 4 as the international day is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month of June. The day is very important as post-cancer survival strategies and their adoption are as challenging as the spirit to fight the disease. By celebrating the day on the international event, Patha Utsav will be inspiring many cancer survivors to be bold and fight the battle in life to defeat cancer and lead a peaceful and cheerful life after the survival.
It can be noted here that leading doctors, surgeons and cancer management experts are also expected to join the biggest street fest of the city to spread the awareness on cancer.
Itishree Dixit and Group will organise rangoli street art based on no tobacco to spread awareness on cancer and related diseases . It can be noted here that with a general practice of chewing `paan’and using tobacco and `gutkah’ Odisha is among the top states in the country to have oral cancer patients.
Additional Commissioner-cum-Member Enforcement (BDA) Bhabani Shankar Chayani said “besides entertainment and other awareness the special awareness drive on no-tobacco and evils of cancer will be a real eye opener for many citizens.’’
As per the statistics from the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research, one woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes in India, for every 2 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, one woman dies of it in India, as many as 2,500 persons die every day due to tobacco-related diseases in India and smoking accounts for 1 in 5 deaths among men and 1 in 20 deaths among women.
While estimated number of people living with the disease is around 2.5 million, every year, new cancer patients registered is over 7 lakh and the nation registers 5,56,400 cancer related deaths in a year.

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