One day- One Crore people; Assist World Records for Art of Giving


Bhubaneswar: ‘Art of Giving’ has made the world record for achieving the largest contribution of food donated to the needy people in a single day- across the globe on the occasion of 5th Anniversary of International Day of Art of Giving on may 17, 2018. The record has been certified by Assist World Records Research Foundation. The theme of the 5th anniversary celebration was ‘Pyaar Bhara Pack’ (feeding with love). Mass meals were organised by the supporters of ‘Art of Giving’ at 17,200 centres across 80 countries, feeding 1 crore people. The programme aimed at promoting brotherhood and fraternity. his happiness Dr. Samanta thanked Assist World Records Research Foundation for their encouragement for the noble cause. He also dedicated this success to all participants of Art of Giving.

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