On the Occasion of Debasnana Purnima, Sand Artist Manas Kumar Sahoo created a Sand Animated film

Puri: On the Occasion of Debasnana Purnima, International Sand Artist Mr.Manas Kumar Sahoo has picturised a Sand Animated film of 2 minutes 50 seconds based on the World Famous Lord Jagannath’s Debasnana Ritual.

In his Sand Animation, he showed the scene of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and his sister Subhadra’s bathing rituals being conducted on the Snana Mandap. He has also depicted the Pahandi Bije ( step by step slow movement of the Idols by the Sevayats ) and the Chhera Pahanra ( sweeping of the floor) by Maharaja Dibyasingh Dev beautifully through his Sand Animation. The Lord’s rare Hathi Besha ( Elephant Attire ) has also been shown for the devotees in this film. Mr.Manas has taken keen interest to show the Debasnana Ritual to the devotees of Lord Jagannath world wide during this Lockdown period which took him about seven hours to complete this film.

In it, he prays to the Lord of the World, Shree Jagannath, to save the World from the clutches of the pandemic Covid-19 prevailing throughout the world.

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