“On leaving medical college seat, tuition fee for entire period will have to be deposited”- Medical Education Commissioner Nishant Warwade

Bhopal: Medical Education Commissioner Shri Nishant Warwade said that the government runs courses according to ‘Madhya Pradesh Medical Education Admission Rules-2018 and Amendments on June 19, 2019’ for the admission of students selected from NEET in undergraduate and postgraduate courses on the basis of merit in medical and dental colleges.

Commissioner Shri Warwade said that in the event of resignation of the candidate after the prescribed time limit as per clause-15 (1) (b) of the above rule, the conditions of the bond related to leaving the seat will be applicable to him. Under this, if the candidate resigns from the admitted seat of Government Medical and Government Dental College, the bond amount of Rs 10 lakh (admission year 2018 and 2019) / Rs 30 lakh (admission year 2020) will be payable to the autonomous institution. On resigning from the admitted seat of a private medical and private dental college, the tuition fee for the entire duration of the course conducted in the concerned private institution will be payable to the government.

Commissioner Shri Warwade informed that the above rules are effective on all the students admitted from the year 2018. In the event of any post graduate student leaving the seat due to any reason, it will be mandatory to deposit the bond amount of Rs 10/30 lakh (as per admission) in the account of the concerned autonomous college.

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