Odisha: Maternity Waiting Homes to curb IMR & MMR in Sundargarh District

Sundargarh: 180 villages in Sundargarh district have been identified as hard to reach areas by the Health & Family Welfare Department, Govt of Odisha. The district administration aims to setumore number of Maternity Waiting Home (MWH) or‘Maa Gruha’ facilities to curb IMR & MMR in Sundargarh.

Since 2012, five ‘Maa Gruha’ have been operating in remote areas of Lephripara, Lahunipara, Gurundia, Koira and Rajgangpur blocks. Later, with the financial support of the District Mineral Foundation, DMF Sundargarh, in Lephripara, Gurundia, Lahunipara and Koira, four more maternity homes have been set up each having 8 beds. These have been operational recently.

The district administration is preparing for a formal inauguration of the same on October 2 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. The administration has decided to set up nine new ‘Maa Gruha’in the remote areas of the district. Thus, the focus is on doubling the number of MWHs and ensuring mother and newborn health in the district.

“In a tribaldominated district like Sundargarh,‘Maa Gruha’has played an important role in ensuring the health of mothers and newborns. Pregnant women with symptoms of a variety of health complications, including those in remote areas, are being housed in the MWH before delivery. Here, she is provided with health check-ups, nutritious food, and counseling and can be takento a nearby hospital in time to ensure a safe delivery. After the childbirth, the mother and baby are sent home safe,” said Nikhil Pavan Kalyan,Collector Sundargarh.

As per the available data,1477 mothers have benefited from Maa Gruhafacilities in different parts of Sundargarh district in 2019-20. Similarly, between April 1 to August 31, 2020, 707 women have availed thisimportant service. In the coming days, nine more MWHsto be set up in Duduka in Hemgiri block, Talsadihi in Tangarpali, Tangargoan in Subdega, Ekma in Bargaon, Khatkurbahal in Kutra, Ramjodi in Lathikata, Tikayatpali in Bonaigarh and Bisra. The District Mineral Foundation, DMF Sundargarhwill provide financial assistance for the additional MWH.

In the recent district level review meeting on health, chaired by the Collector Shri Nikhil Pavan Kalyan, it was decided to set upmore ‘Maa Gruha’ in remote areas of the districtto secure mother and child health.

The meeting was attended by the Chief District Medical Officer, District Social Welfare Officer, District Welfare Officer, Additional Chief District Medical Officer, Additional Director of Urban Public Health and the District Project Manager Sundargarh.