Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission approved a hike in energy tariff

Bhubaneswar: Electricity consumers in State would have to pay more towards their power bills from October 1 as Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) on Wednesday approved a hike in energy tariff by 20 paise per unit for retail users. However, revised rates would not be applicable to Kutir Jyoti (BPL) and agricultural consumers.

While approving average cost of supply as 524.62 paise for FY 2020-21, OERC has fixed 270 paise per unit up to 50 units, 450 paise/unit for consumption above 50 units and up to 200 units, 550 paise/unit for the consumption above 200 units and up to 400 units and 590 paise/unit for consumption above 400 units for domestic category.

There is no change in meter rent, monthly minimum fixed charge (MMFC) and demand charge.

The OERC said a 2%-rebate over and above normal rebate would be allowed on bill to low-transmission domestic and single-phase general purpose category of consumers only over and above all rebated who pay through digital means.