Odisha: Cyclists of Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club ventures out on roads to welcome Monsoon Falls

Bhubaneswar: When most of the people prefer to stay at home to enjoy the monsoon rains in the morning, the Cyclists of Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club ( #BCAC ) ventures out on the roads to welcome the Monsoon Falls. On this Sunday morning, cycling enthusiasts of BCAC ventured out on a Morning Monsoon Ride towards Naraj barrage, Cuttack. There was also another catch of this ride to enjoy the newly constructed bridge of Trisulia – Judicial Academy, which was recently opened for public. (Note: This new bridge is one of the largest in Odisha and reduces the distance of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack almost by 10 KMs) The route was planned from the Club House through Nandankanan, Trisulia, Odisha Judicial Academy, Naraj, where there was a small pit-stop for breakfast. The riders are expected to return through Sri Sri University through the canal road towards Barang while exploring a less-travelled green belt of Rata Garh – Chidanga Garh.

As planned the riders assembled at the Club House by 5:45AM and the ride started at 6:00AM. A few riders joined en-route to Nandankanan at Jaydev Vihar, Chandrasekharpur, Patia and Z1. While the climate was predicted for light rain falls in a temperature of almost 28 degrees, there was a huge turnaround of Cycling Enthusiasts making the Sunday Ride attendance to a significant number.

The peloton rode along the roads with cheers and echoes of “H…u…m…p…s” to take the first quick break at Nandankanan. Then we move towards Trisulia Bridge, where we halted for a few minutes to speak to the Journalist team of Times of India while taking a few breath-taking snaps of the monsoon morning on the scenic bridge with the river Mahanadi on the backdrop. During this ride, we met the Superbikers of the Twin-City (Bhubaneswar-Cuttack) and waved at each-other. By the time we reached Odisha Judicial Academy the rain started pouring down. The TOI team took interview of the riders on the bridge after which the peloton marched forward towards Naraj breakfast point. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Naraj barrage including Thunka-Poori, Alu-Matar and Masala-Vada. BCAC mentors Lalit Sir and Manoj Sir joined on their respective bicycles with us at the breakfast joint.

On the return route through Sri Sri University up-heal, we enjoyed monsoon rain falls vehemently. Some of the cyclists started cheering and singing loudly in the rains making the ride full of fun. We also explored into the new scenic route on the vegetable belt of Rata Garh – Chudanga Garh and the newly constructed railway underpass. By the time we reached Z1, we were showered with heavy rains, where we left our cycles and started dancing on the roads making this ride much more memorable. Form Z1, we rode entire route in the rains making this one of the most memorable rides of BCAC so far.

The entire Sunday Ride was covered by the journalist team of Times of India. BCAC saw a huge turnaround of more than 33 Cyclists on this Sunday Ritual Ride. We cover a total of more than 65KMs in this ride. As we always say, “It’s not always about Cycling – rather something more in addition to it”.
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