Odisha: 2nd Phase Millet Recipe Training Of Chefs Under OMM & Hrao Collaboration

Bhubaneswar : One of the major objectives of Odisha Millets Mission (OMM) is the popularization of millets among urban and rural population. OMM is proactively promoting millets in urban areas through farm to fork approach. As part of the joint collaboration between Odisha Millets Mission and Hotels & Restaurants Association of Odisha (HRAO), dedicated millet recipe trainings have been organized in phased manner in partnership with Institute of Hotel Management, Bhubaneswar.
Second phase millet recipe training for the Chefs from different Hotels was conducted from 11th to 12th September, 2023 at IHM Bhubaneswarfocused on main course millet items. The training programme was inaugurated by Principal, IHM. The training programme was attended by Hoteliers and Chefs from eminent Hotels across Odisha such as Mayfair Lagoon, Swosti Premium, Empires, The New Marrion, Hotel Barjorjis, Pramod Resorts etc. Earlier, 1st phase millet recipe training was provided to the Chefs across Odisha on the millet based breakfast & bakery items. The training programme was positively received by the Chefs as they learnt to try out various innovative and traditional millet based recipes which are not only lip smacking but also healthier options for life.
1st Phase Training led to successful millet inclusion in the breakfast & bakery menu of various Hotels through special food festivals, millet banquet buffers, Independence Day special menu etc. Hotels such as Empires, Barjorjis, Gingeretc have been proactively introducing millet recipes in their menu. The 2nd day of the training was attended by Gourahari Biswal, Joint Director of Agriculture, OMM and Technical Expert, OMM who relished the millet based recipes and gave their positive feedback on the same. This long term collaboration between Odisha Millets Mission and HRAO will pave path for millet popularization in every household of Odisha.

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