Nitin Gadkari inaugurates country’s First LNG Facility plant at Nagpur

New Delhi: Minister for Road Transport and Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari has emphasized on importance of alternate biofuels for diversification of agriculture towards energy and power sector . Inaugurating the country’s first LNG Facility plant at Nagpur today he said  in our economy we are spending 8 lakh crores for the import of petrol diesel and petroleum products which is a big challenge .The Minister said  we have designed a policy that encourages development of imports substitute cost effective pollution free and indigenous  ethanol,  bio CNG,LNG and hydrogen fuels. He said the ministry is constantly working on different alternative fuels. He said we have to use surplus inrice , corn and sugar to prevent it from going waste.

Talking about flex engines Shri Gadkari said decision will be taken in three months making it  mandatory for automobile manufacturers particularly the four wheelers and two wheelers to make flex engine. He said several countries like USA, Canada and Brazil already have them .He said the cost of the vehicle remains the same whether it is petrol or Flex engine.

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