NCW organizes Panel Discussion on theme ‘Sashakt Nari Sashakt Bharat’as part of its Foundation Day celebrations

The National Commission for Women organized a panel discussion on the theme ‘ Sashakt Nari Sashakt Bharat’ as part of its Foundation Day celebrations to honour the experiences of women who have excelled and carved their path to leave a mark. Chairperson, National Commission for Women Ms Rekha Sharma graced the occasion. She gave a brief introduction to the Commission’s panel of powerful women. She emphasised that before obtaining a prominent position in life, the women had to overcome several obstacles. She also said that women should come out and tell their tales so that we can all be inspired by one another. “Keep walking and you will see a path for yourself. These are women who have walked the path and paved a way for themselves. They inspire everyone especially young girls, to take their own decisions and to reach their goals,” said Ms Sharma.


In order to get diverse views, the Commission invited extraordinary women from different fields; former WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan, Actor and politician Khusbu Sundar, Indian Sharpshooter Prakashi Tomar, Former Judge of Supreme Court Justice Sujata Vasant Manohar, Artist Ravi Bala Sharma and Entrepreneur Urmila Jamnadas. The panel was moderated by Aditya Raj Kaul, Executive Editor, TV 9 Network.

The Commission organized a two-day event to celebrate its 31st Foundation Day from 31st January, 2023 to 1st February, 2023. Today, a panel discussion was held with extraordinary women who have led the path of inspiration and empowerment for several other women. Through this discussion, the Commission aimed to provide a platform with diverse and varied exchange of dialogue focusing around gender equality in decision-making and leadership roles of women belonging to different socio-economic backgrounds.

NCW was founded in January 1992 as a statutory body under the National Commission for Women Act, 1990. It was established to review the constitutional and legal safeguards for women, recommend remedial legislative measures, facilitate redressal, or grievances, and advise the government on policy matters affecting women.

The panelists:

Justice Sujata Manohar, former Supreme Court judge, is renowned as one of India’s leading legal luminaries. She made history as the second woman ever to be appointed to the Supreme Court and shared her experiences and journey in reaching this pinnacle of her career.

Ravi Bala Sharma is an accomplished dancer and Instagram star. Despite facing age discrimination, she refuses to let it stop her from pursuing her passion for dance. Sharma emphasized the importance of never giving up on one’s dreams, no matter their age.

Soumya Swaminathan, former Chief Scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO), shared her journey of pursuing a career in research and becoming a leading scientist not only in India, but around the world. She emphasized the need for gender equality and emphasized the need for both men and women to contribute to the cause of women empowerment.

Prakashi Tomar, a sharpshooter from Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat district, has broken down barriers to become one of the oldest sharpshooters in the world. Despite facing societal and gender stereotypes, she persevered and shared her journey of becoming a trailblazer in the shooting world.

Urmila Jamnadas is a Mumbai-based entrepreneur who has overcome a life full of tragedy, pain, and struggle to start a successful venture, “Gujju Ben Na Nasta”. At the age of 77, she began this venture to support herself and her grandson. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jamnadas started her venture and shared her experiences of overcoming several setbacks and inspiring other women along the way.

Khushbu Sundar, a versatile actor and politician, has faced her share of struggles in both the film industry and politics. But she emerged victorious and shared her journey, highlighting the need for pay parity and equal opportunities for women across sectors. She spoke about her experiences and how she overcame the challenges to become a successful actor and politician.

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