National Programme on Capacity Building & Circular Economy in Industry

Bhubaneswar: Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development and Design Centre (JNARDDC) together with Aluminium Association of India (AAI), Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI) and Aluminium Secondary Manufacturers Association (ASMA) is organizing “Capacity Building and Awareness Programme on Aluminium”, from 21st to 23rd November, 2019 at Hotel MAYFAIR Lagoon, Bhubaneswar. This programme is being organized on the recommendations of the Core committee of Ministry of Mines for Resource Efficiency in Aluminium and in pursuance to the recommendations of the Strategy Paper on Resource Efficiency in Aluminium, jointly prepared by Ministry of Mines and NITI Aayog. The programme will be inaugurated by distinguished dignitaries from NITI Aayog, Ministry of Mines, aluminium industry and many more prominent personalities.
A circular economy (in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible, the maximum value is extracted from them whilst in use, the products and materials are recovered and regenerated at the end of each service life) is the need of the hour. Resource Efficiency is a key element of sustainable development & for resource efficiency of Indian Aluminium Industry, great attention is required at waste materials such as bauxite residue (red mud), fly ash, spent pot liner (SPL), dross etc. which are generated in huge quantities but most of which are discarded or dumped at specific landfills though they have great potential for value added applications.

The above programme aims at building the capacity of the aluminium recycling and waste management as well as improving the knowledge and skills of waste recycling operators. This groundwork for the recycling & waste management industry will enhance the overall capability, capacity, efficiency, skills and market information and upgrade the skills and safety of employees of the industry. The focus will be on following aspects of Resource efficiency in Aluminium.

• Specific uses of waste generated by the Primary and Secondary Aluminium Industry

• Processing of the waste into value added products

• Recycling of aluminium Areas of concern

• Best available technologies

The programme is expected to witness widespread participation from all three primary aluminium producing companies (NALCO, VEDANTA & HINDALCO), Secondary aluminium industries, representatives from Govt organisations (NITI Aayog, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, CPCB, SPCB, BARC, IBM, Ministry and BIS etc) as well as from technology providers, young entrepreneurs, academicians and students etc. Deliberations, interactions during the programme will not only enlighten the participants but will help in better understanding and implementing the desired goals of circular economy/resource efficiency in the interest of industry and nation.

Dr. T.K. Chand, CMD, NALCO and President, Aluminium Association of India, while underlying the importance of the programme has told that Circular Economy should be the way of working of industries to achieve zero waste.

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