National Education Society for Tribal Students (NESTS) organized two-day online workshop in collaboration with Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) on e-learning platform developed for EMRS students

National Education Society for Tribal Students (NESTS) collaborated with Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) to develop an e-learning platform i.e., Eklavya Learning Management System (ELMS) to enable a comprehensive learning environment for students in EMRSs.In phase – 1, the two-day online training program was organized on 12th& 13th December, 2022 for 52 nominated teachers from across the country.The nominated teachers shall act as master trainerswho shall be rolling out the training programme, pan-India in next phase.

As a part of this collaboration, CDAC has developed ELMS that shall render learning content in various e-formats like Audio, Video, Online Lab, Quizzes etc. that can be accessed by both students and teachers. Also, amongst plethora of unique features, the system allows teacher to create new courses and assignments by adding Textbook Pdfs, Audio-Video Files on any particular chapter. The purpose of the workshop was to implement of ELMS in every school by these master trainers and also train others teachers of the State/UT.

The workshop session included brief about the ELMS project, demo of ELMS app, installation of ELMS app on mobile/tablet, Course demo from ELMS Portal and enroll user in course, demo of upload content in a course & demo for communication tools like announcements/forum, chats etc. NESTS believes that the modernized technology, ELMS will effectively contribute towards ensuring blended learning in all EMRSs spanned across the country.

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