Medical Education Minister Vishwas Kailash visits oxygen concentrator unit

Bhopal: Medical Education Minister Shri Vishwas Kailash Sarang visited Oxygen Concentrator Unit at Malviya Bhawan in Tulsi Nagar and understood its process. Mr. Sarang informed that the state government has purchased 150 oxygen concentrator units. A concentrator machine will provide oxygen to 2 patients. This machine will provide 5 liters of oxygen per minute. This machine is being distributed in Bhopal.

Mr. Sarang said that corona infection is spreading continuously. The crisis is very big and we are constantly increasing the beds, which will help to treat corona patients. Also, to meet the challenge of oxygen, a continuous uninterrupted supply of oxygen is going on in the state. The ratio of supply and consumption remains parallel. A separate control room of oxygen has been set up on the instructions of Chief Minister Shri Chauhan. Through this, the supply and consumption of oxygen are being monitored. Also, keeping in mind the alternative source of oxygen, 2 thousand oxygen concentrators are being purchased. It is very useful for an oxygen support bed.

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