Madhya Pradesh: Manufacturers instructed to increase supply of Remdesivir

Bhopal: All possible efforts are being made by the state government to control the Covid-19 epidemic. Under this, every effort has been made by the government to ensure easy availability of Remdesivir. Remdesivir manufacturers have been directed to increase its supply in Madhya Pradesh. Instructions have been issued to all drug inspectors of the state, to prevent black marketing and illegal sale of Remdesivir along with ensuring easy availability of Remdesivir at fair prices.

Comptroller Food and Drug Administration Shri P. Narhari has informed that the supply and distribution of Remdesivir injections is being constantly monitored by drug inspectors. He said that Remdesivir injections were seized on April 15, 2021 in a joint operation of Crime branch Indore and Drug Inspector Indore district from the possession of Dr. Vinay Shankar Tripathi, Director of Drug Factory. According to label on the seized drug, it has been manufactured in March 2021 by Messrs Tulip Formulation Kangda (Himachal Pradesh). The documents of manufacturing license / product permission of the drug Remdesivir injection of Messrs Tulip Formulation was not available with the suspect. The label had a price tag of Rs 5100, which suggests that the batch has been manufactured by the suspect for commercial purposes. The case is being investigated.

Arrangements have been made to ensure distribution of Remdesivir injections only in hospitals and institutions so that it is easily accessible to the patients admitted in the hospitals. Remdesivir injection of total of 7 companies is being supplied in the state. Till date, the availability of a total of 97 thousand 716 injections has been ensured in the state. On Friday, 9768 Remdesivir injections have been supplied. Out of this, 480 units have been supplied to Chief Medical Officer Government Hospital, Jabalpur district, 500 units to M.G.M. Medical College Indore, 500 units to Red Cross hospitals and 8288 units to private hospitals across the state.

Now Remdesivir distribution to private sector hospitals and nursing homes directly through stockists

Now Remdesivir injections will be directly distributed to hospitals and nursing homes in the private sector through stockists. The district administration will no longer make allotments for stockists or hospitals. The district administration and the drug inspector of the district concerned will make sure that the injection is being allocated to hospitals and nursing homes in the entire private sector in the district proportionately or not. Hospitals, nursing homes and stockists will submit accounts of the delivery of this injection to the district administration and drug inspector.

Efforts for uninterrupted supply of oxygen

The oxygen vehicle approved by the state government has been considered equivalent to the ambulance in order to ensure speedy and effective transportation of oxygen. Continuous contact is being made with its manufacturers and distributors to ensure uninterrupted supply of oxygen. About 298 metric tonnes of oxygen has been available in the state. Oxygen is being supplied in the state from 11 additional tankers, including pre-approved tankers. The availability of medical oxygen is also being ensured first by limiting the industrial use of oxygen.

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