Madhya Pradesh to start vaccination of pregnant mothers of the state from July 23

Bhopal: Covid-19 vaccination of pregnant mothers in the state will start from July 23. Public Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Prabhuram Choudhary informed that from Friday, July 23, the Covid-19 vaccine would be provided to pregnant mothers at all government medical colleges, all district hospitals, civil hospitals and community health centres in the state. He said that it would start at 9 in the morning and vaccination would be done till 4 in the evening. There will be provision for additional vaccination room, monitoring room, waiting room, supervision by the medical officer at the vaccination centres of pregnant mothers.

Health Minister Dr. Choudhary informed that Covid-19 vaccination can be administered to pregnant women at any time during pregnancy. The Covid-19 vaccination of pregnant women will be done through “on-site registration”. The Covid-19 vaccination of pregnant women will be done on regular vaccination days (Tuesday and Friday) in ANC clinics run at the government health institutions. For this, three rooms and other arrangements have been ensured near the ANC clinic as per the SOP of the Government of India. He said that the pregnant women coming to government health institutions on other days can also be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Health Minister Dr. Choudhary informed that the telecaller of Suman Help Desk would contact the women who got vaccinated for 20 days and obtain health related information. DHO-1/DIO will be informed if there are signs of danger. Adverse symptoms can occur up to 20 days after the Covid-19 vaccination, arrangements have been made for their quick monitoring and management. Health Minister Dr. Choudhary said that health department team have been instructed to compulsorily follow the guidelines issued after vaccination to avoid the risk of any side effects.

On the day of vaccination, there is a provision to maintain the information about vaccination of pregnant women separately with the institution name wise and provide it to the supervisor of Suman Help Desk. This information will be sent at the state level in the Google Sheet by the supervisor of Suman Help Desk. The date and dosage will be mentioned on the first page of the woman’s MCP card after the Covid-19 vaccination.

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