Madhya Pradesh Medical Education Minister Sarang reached Chennai

Bhopal: Medical Education Minister Shri Vishwas Kailash Sarang reached Chennai and met the Health Minister of Tamil Nadu, Shri M. Subramanian. Shri Sarang said, I am very happy that under the leadership of Shri M. Subramanian, the health services in the state of Tamil Nadu are continuously expanding.

No deaths due to oxygen anywhere

Shri Sarang said that he has met Shri Subramanian, the Health Minister of Tamil Nadu. He also said that there have been no deaths anywhere in Tamil Nadu due to lack of oxygen.

Shri Sarang said that every system is small in a pandemic, oxygen was a challenge but it was not lacking. We procured 600 MT in a day while the consumption was 457 MT. Regarding vaccination, he said that 2 crore 60 lakh people have been vaccinated in Madhya Pradesh. In Indore and Bhopal, which are the biggest hotspots, more than 75 percent people have been vaccinated. It is being ensured that all people will be vaccinated by December. There is no shortage of vaccines, enthusiasm is high among people, more people are reaching in one session than the number of people who have to be vaccinated. In the month of June, 11 crore vaccines were given, which has now been increased to 13 crores, so there is no shortage of vaccine.

Regarding the preparations for the third wave, Medical Education Minister Shri Sarang said that Madhya Pradesh is in a quite comfortable position regarding Corona. Corona is not over yet, it is definitely reduced. As much testing was being done during the peak time of Corona, the same testing is still going on continuously. It is our government’s effort that there is no third wave in Madhya Pradesh and if it does come, then its institutional planning has been done. Each infrastructure will have its own planning.

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