Madhya Pradesh Home Minister says development is happening all around

Bhopal: There has always been one feeling in the mind and that is the complete development of Datia. Today the development work happening all around in Datia can be easily seen. Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra on Sunday inaugurated construction works worth more than Rs 85 lakh in Datia city .

Home Minister Dr. Mishra on Sunday inaugurated the road constructed at a cost of 47 lakhs in front of Circuit House near Jhansi Chungi. He also inaugurated a lattice and footpath prepared at a cost of Rs 38 lakh in Lala Ki Taal. Dr. Mishra said that along with beautification of parks, various roads and ring roads are being constructed to make Datia city beautiful. He appealed to the citizens that every citizen should fulfill his responsibility to keep the city beautiful. Keep the city clean and don’t spread filth. Throw garbage only at designated places. Don’t trespass. Every person in the city has to discharge his responsibility well.

Lala ka Tal is developing as a tourist center

Dr. Mishra said that Lala Ka Taal has been beautified and developed as a tourist center and a selfie point has been made there. Dr. Mishra said that due to Corona, the program of making earthly Shivling was not being held in Datia during Shravan month. This time we should build the earthly Shivling in our homes.

Take a pledge to protect by planting trees

Dr. Mishra planted a sapling of “Elva-Champa” in the plantation program. Explaining the importance of trees, he called upon all the people to plant saplings and also take a pledge to protect the plants. Along with the protection of plants, also discharge the responsibility of promotion and maintenance properly. He expected the general public to explain the importance of trees to the people who damage the trees.

Former MLA Dr. Asaram Ahirwar, Mr. Surendra Budholia and other public representatives were present in the program .

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