By Ayush and Sidhhant

Chandraprava meaning the light of moon had lighted many lives through her magic touch through her many faced personality. She was able to heal many wounds by touch of her magic wand of pure love and affection. .

She was a rare combination of creativity and humanity. Though professionally she was teacher and was teaching in a college in Bhubaneswar, she was more devoted to solve human problems For her helping “seva” was always a priority.

It will not be out of way to mention one of the many instances of her love for the deprived.
A nine year old girl Sangita of Phulbani district who had lost her mother was virtually sold to a tea-shop owner in Jharpada area of Bhubaneswar to work as domestic help. The little girl was loaded with too much work by the tea=shop owner and his wife. After toiling hard throughout the day till late in the night Sangita was fast asleep and could not respond to the calls of the lady of the house. Getting irritated at this the lady brought out a bottle of acid and poured it on the face of Sangita. The little girl shivered with pain, an old lady who was known to her took her to the hospital for treatment, where it was not feasible to get proper treatment.

At this point Chndraprava was informed about the incident and immediately rushed to rescue the girl . Though some members of the women’s organization headed by her were suggesting to handover the inhuman action of the lady who had brutally assaulted her, for Chndraparava, the first priority was to save the life of Sagita.

To provide necessary treatment to this little girl Chndraprava along with an old lady who was distantly related to Sangita met Dr Jayant Dash in October 2011 of Sum Hospital with severe bum injury. Dr Dash immediately admitted her in the burn department of the hospital. As the medicines were very costly

Dr Dash arranged it from his resources and Chnadraprava extended her support in supplying medicines which were not supplied by the hospital. Sangita responded well to the treatment with treatment and care. Skins were also drafted in her body.

As it was a long process for cure , the hospital authorities expressed their inability to keep her as an indoor patient for longer period. As there was none to provide her shelter and to take her care , Chnd raprava had to run from pillars to post to find out a suitable Sheller. She was disappointed as none were willing to accommodate Sangita with a disfigures face , fearing that inmates in the orphanage will not accept her because of her mutilated face. But Chndraprava was not disappointed. She carried on her mission until she met Shri Niranjan Mohanty, a veteran journalist , editor of Kholadwar , who has promoted Subhadra Mahtab shelter home in Bhubaneswar. After knowing about the predicaments of Sangita Sri Mohanty agreed to provide her shelter will all love and care. Since then she is housed there and continues treatments with Dr Dash for recovering from deformity through plastic and rehabilitation surgery. Chandraprava used to meet her and provide her required support along with her family members and philanthropic societies she was associated . After her sad demise on 17th February 2017, Associated Media Foundation , has instituted ‘ Chandraprava Smruti Seva Samman “ which would be conferred on Dr Jayant Dash, in recognisation of his selfless service for the sufferings. The honor will be conferred by Retd. Justice A.S. Naidu.

Similarly, “ Chandraprava Sahitya Samman “ will be conferred on poet Chirahree Indrasingh for her contribution to contemporary Odia literature. The Sahita Samman will be awarded by famous linguist

Dr Debiprasanna Patnaik in a special function during celebration of first death anniversary of the humanist and poet Chandraprava Patnaik.