L20 inception meeting focuses on universalisation of social security with women at the centre of future of work

The Labour20 (L20) engagement group’s inception meet, as part of India’s G20 presidency, today began deliberations in Amritsar, Punjab on key issues concerning the global workforce to provide direction to the G20 nations and institutions to focus on  development reaching to the last person.



Trade union leaders, labour studies experts and delegates from 20 nations at the Labour20 inception meeting under India’s G20 presidency are preparing to call for universalisation of social security and to put women at the centre of future of work.

In the inaugural session Shri Hiranmay Pandya, L20 Chair and National President of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), said that in tune with the spirit of G20 in 2023, the work force of the world is one family. He highlighted the G20 theme #OneEarth #OneFamily #OneFuture and how the concept is relevant to the labour movements globally.


The L20 event had delegates from previous presidency, Indonesia, and next presidency, Brazil, too participating, apart from Trade Union representatives from other G20 nations. The L20 meet will conclude tomorrow with a joint statement on Universalisation of Social Security and Woman and Future of Work, both subjects being debated in details at the event, said BMS former National President Shri C. K. Saji Narayanan.

He said, the economic crisis adversely impacts women the most, and hence the future of work depends majorly on the women workforce, which needs direction globally. It is also important to evolve a global mechanism for portability of social security, in view of the latest trends in labour migration worldwide, he said.

Shri Arun Maira, former member of the Planning Commission of India, said India seeks peace and harmony in the world, and noted that it is time to bring back the “family spirit” in economy. He said there are many communities who are concerned about their future well-being in the economy and in society. These include women, youth, farmers, factory workers, self-employed workers, and micro-enterprises. He said all of them must be listened to now.

The day saw five parallel technical sessions on International Migration of Labour and Portability of Social Security Funds; Social Protection for Informal Workers; Skill Training and Skill Upgradation and Role and Responsibilities of Employers, Employees and Governments; Changing World of Work and New Employment Opportunities in G20 Countries; and Promoting Sustainable Decent Work. The second day of the two-day L20 Inception Meet tomorrow will importantly discuss Women and Future of Work.

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