Jio’s contribution to India’s digital transformation

Mumbai: Jio has brought digital empowerment to all Indians through connectivity, data affordability and device affordability. Jio has introduced One India simplified tariff plans with truly free voice and the lowest data rates in the world.

Jio is India’s only pan-India ubiquitous 4G network providing reliable and consistent high speed wireless broadband service across the country. Jio’s network today covers over 75% of India’s population. In next 12 months Jio services will cover 99% of India’s population. It took 25 years for rest of the telecom players to build their 2G network; Jio will have created a larger 4G network in just three years.

With over 100,000 radiating sites, backed by state-of-the-art, all IP network, LTE spectrum across 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2300MHz bands, and largest fiber footprint, Jio has the widest LTE coverage in India than any other telecom player.

Jio has helped India move up from its lowly position globally to a leading position in mobile broadband usage. Before Jio, India was 155th in the world in mobile broadband penetration. Now India is number 1 in mobile data consumption and well on its way to becoming number 1 in mobile broadband penetration, in the coming months.

Within six months of Jio’s launch the mobile data consumption in India went up from 20 crore GB per month to 120 crore GB per month. Now Jio customers are alone consuming 125 crore GB of data per month. Jio is already carrying five times more data than all other telecom players put together.
This is highly important for the country as the world is increasingly going digital and mobile has become the primary mode for internet access.

Thanks to Jio, data is no longer a privilege of a select few. The oxygen of the digital age is now available to over 75% of 1.3 billion Indians. Jio is the greatest accelerator of the Bharat-India connectivity. Jio has consistently been the top speed telecom data network in India for last five months according to TRAI. For June 2017, Jio provided an average 18.8 Mbps speed to its customers – 50% higher than the nearest rival.

Jio is the biggest contributor to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ initiative with over Rs 200,000 crore invested in creating a digital ecosystem in India. With so many connected Indians the world can now look to India for the next big idea.

By introducing a 4G VoLTE smartphone at Rs 2999 Jio had made the first attempt to make mobile broadband accessible to an entry-level smartphone user. However, for the 50 crore Indians who use feature phones, even this was not affordable. As a result, they were left out of the digital revolution sweeping India. But India can’t attain true digital freedom with 50 crore of its population left out. By introducing the Jio Phone, Jio aims to bring these 50 crore feature phone users into the digital fold.
Thus, Jio has ushered in a digital revolution in India and placed the country right at the centre of the world map for mobile and digital services.

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