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#JioTurnsOneHow Jio revolutionized IndiaJio’s contribution to India’s digital transformation- Jio has brought digital empowerment to all Indians through connectivity, data affordability and device affordability.- Jio has introduced One India simplified tariff plans with truly free voice and the lowest data rates in the world. – Jio is India’s only pan-India ubiquitous 4G network providing reliable and consistent high speed wireless broadband service across the country. Jio’s network today covers over 75% of India’s population. In next 12 months Jio services will cover 99% of India’s population. It took 25 years for rest of the telecom players to build their 2G network; Jio will have created a larger 4G network in just three years.- With over 100,000 radiating sites, backed by state-of-the-art, all IP network, LTE spectrum across 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2300MHz bands, and largest fiber footprint, Jio has the widest LTE coverage in India than any other telecom player.- Jio has helped India move up from its lowly position globally to a leading position in mobile broadband usage. Before Jio, India was 155th in the world in mobile broadband penetration. Now India is number 1 in mobile data consumption and well on its way to becoming number 1 in mobile broadband penetration, in the coming months.- Within six months of Jio’s launch the mobile data consumption in India went up from 20 crore GB per month to 120 crore GB per month. Now Jio customers are alone consuming 125 crore GB of data per month. Jio is already carrying five times more data than all other telecom players put together.- This is highly important for the country as the world is increasingly going digital and mobile has become the primary mode for internet access.- Thanks to Jio, data is no longer a privilege of a select few. The oxygen of the digital age is now available to over 75% of 1.3 billion Indians. Jio is the greatest accelerator of the Bharat-India connectivity.- Jio has consistently been the top speed telecom data network in India for last five months according to TRAI. For June 2017, Jio provided an average 18.8 Mbps speed to its customers – 50% higher than the nearest rival.- Jio is the biggest contributor to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ initiative with over Rs 200,000 crore invested in creating a digital ecosystem in India.- With so many connected Indians the world can now look to India for the next big idea.- By introducing a 4G VoLTE smartphone at Rs 2999 Jio had made the first attempt to make mobile broadband accessible to an entry-level smartphone user. However, for the 50 crore Indians who use feature phones, even this was not affordable. As a result, they were left out of the digital revolution sweeping India. But India can’t attain true digital freedom with 50 crore of its population left out. By introducing the Jio Phone, Jio aims to bring these 50 crore feature phone users into the digital fold.- Thus, Jio has ushered in a digital revolution in India and placed the country right at the centre of the world map for mobile and digital services.

How Jio busted several myths?Before Jio came there were several myths propagated or doubts raised over the viability of Jio’s venture. However, Jio proved the critics entirely wrong.1. MYTH: Demand for mobile data is limited in Indiaa. REALITY: Today an average Jio customer consumes 10 GB mobile data every monthb. REALITY: India has shot past the US and China to become world’s No.1 country in mobile data consumption2. MYTH: Indian customers won’t adopt new 4G technology fast enougha. REALITY: Jio added 7 customers per second to reach 100 million customers in just 170 days. This made Jio the world’s fastest ever adopted technology service.3. MYTH: LTE network won’t be able to support good quality voice; VoLTE is globally unproven technology.a. REALITY: Jio is the only network today offering HD voice with 250 crore minutes of voice and video calls every single day. Even the incumbents are now considering to offer VoLTE to their customers.4. MYTH: Sufficient 4G enabled devices don’t exist; customers won’t upgrade to 4G due to high costsa. REALITY: All new smartphone models launched in India since mid-2016 are LTE enabled. Entry level 4G smartphones are available at as low as Rs 2999.b. REALITY: Jio’s joint efforts with chipset, OEMs and brands helped in successfully creating the entire device ecosystemc. REALITY: 4G enabled feature phone has become a reality at an effectively zero cost to customer.5. MYTH: India can never be a large mobile data market in the world; any meaningful improvement from the 155th rank globally in mobile data penetration will take years.a. REALITY: Within just six months of Jio’s launch data consumption in India went from 20 crore GB to 120 crore GB per month and has been growing ever sinceb. REALITY: India has overtaken USA and China in mobile data usage. Now India is number 1 in mobile data consumption and well on its way to becoming number 1 in mobile broadband penetration, in the coming months.6. MYTH: LTE can’t provide continuous coverage and indoor coverage will be poor.a. REALITY: Jio’s ubiquitous pan-India network is already covering over 75% of India’s population and aiming to reach 99% in another 12 monthsb. REALITY: Jio has emerged the only operator with pan-India sub-GHz LTE spectrum enabling superior indoor coverage.7. MYTH: Indian consumers won’t be able to afford 4G; they won’t be willing to pay for 4G servicesa. REALITY: Jio already has more than 100 million paying Jio Prime customers. Most of them have recharged on Jio’s Rs 309 or higher plans.b. REALITY: Even today there are at least 400 million telecom subscribers, who can afford to spend Rs 500 and above on digital servicesc. REALITY: If handset price is taken as a proxy to ARPU, the average price of handset on Jio’s network is over Rs 10,000. Jio has 40% market share in handsets costing above Rs 20,000.
World records made by JioIt is just one year, but the Jio’s journey has been very exciting – almost incredible. In spite of being a new entrant in an established industry, Jio has made several new world records on its way and redefined conventional logic.- After its launch on 5th September 2016, Jio went on a customer acquisition spree. It added seven customers every second reaching 100 million customers in just 170 days. This was the fastest adoption of any technology service, anywhere in the world – faster even than Facebook, WhatsApp or Skype. Presently Jio has over 125 million customers- Within first six months of its launch Jio became the world’s first telecom network to carry 100 crore GB data every month. This made Jio the World’s first and only Exabyte telecom network. Today Jio subscribers alone use 125 crore GB of data every month.- Jio subscribers consume 165 crore hours of high speed videos every month making Jio the world’s largest mobile video network.- Sceptics said India being India, free users will never convert to paid users. However, Jio successfully undertook the largest migration from free to paid services in history. Today Jio has more than 100 million paying Jio customers, with most recharging on Rs 309 or higher plan.- In its bid to bring in the digital revolution in India and empower Indians with digital technologies Jio had to create the entire ecosystem for the new 4G LTE technology, which resulted in Jio becoming world’s largest start-up with nearly Rs 200,000 crore of investments.- The strong will to make the high speed wireless broadband available to every nook and corner of India has made Jio the world’s biggest all IP network set up from scratch.
How Jio changed the domestic telecom industryJio’s entry has changed the domestic telecom industry dynamics in a big way. Several assumptions or conventional wisdom of the past don’t hold true anymore. Jio has revolutionised the entire industry and incumbents have had to follow suit.- Before Jio, ‘voice’ was the bread and butter for the telecom industry, with ‘data’ being offered as a ‘value added service’. Not only the ‘voice’ was billed per second, the data was charged at premium rates, which could be as high as Rs 10,000 per GB. Jio’s offering of free voice and data at as low as Rs 50 per GB forced the industry to change their extortionist tariffs.- Jio transformed the telecom industry from ‘more voice, less data’ to ‘less voice, more data’. Voice is demand constrained limited by time availability. However, data is supply constrained as consumers will always want more.- The industry’s revenues will transition from ‘voice’ to ‘data’. Rapid growth in ‘data’ demand will improve the industry’s overall growth, which was stagnating in last five years.- Thanks to Jio, India will soon have a larger 4G coverage than the 2G coverage set up over last 25 years by incumbents.- Jio has made ‘voice’ truly free and put an end to extortionist data prices in India – both for its own customers as well as those of its competitors- The Jio-led revolution has boosted the data consumption of Indian telecom customers across industry.- After Jio’s entry the average data speeds of the domestic telecom industry have improved several times. – The launch of JioPhone will soon make the power of digital technology available to nearly 50 crore feature phone users in India, who are presently excluded from the data driven digital life.

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