ISA to bring out a global tender for 5 lakh solar pumps before December: Upendra Tripathy, Director General, ISA


New Delhi: International Solar Alliance (ISA) plans to come out with a global tender for price discovery of 5 Lakhs solar pumps beore December and presumed prices will come down of the solar pumps, said Mr Upendra Tripathy, Director General, International Solar Alliance at an ASSOCHAM event held in New Delhi today.

The current price of solar pumps is about 10,000 US dollar globally average. On the bio mass segment in the country, Mr. Tripathy said, all the benefits giving it to solar, must be given it to the bio mass in country like tax exemption, tax concession credit etc., said Mr. Tripathy, Director General, International Solar Alliance while inaugurating an ASSOCHAM International Conference –Solar India: Capacity Building & Skill Development.

“International Solar Alliance (ISA) to bring out a tender for 5 lakh solar pumps for farmers across the world. He said that ISA proposing to set up a $300 biliion fund for initiatives in solar energy sector”.

Mr. Tripathy also said, “By 2030 ISA aim to bring $1,000 billion investment into solar energy sector”. ISA is set to give a big push to solar water pumps and India is expected to play a leadership role.

“ISA is also trying to persuade all multilateral banks to ensure 15% of this credit portfolio goes to the installation of solar energy”.

While addressing the event, Mr S.C. Tripathi, Former Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Chief Petron, IASRD, India needs to develop competitive PV module manufacturing capabilities.

We need several small 50 MW solar plants rather than a large 500 MW plants, Mr Deepak Gupta, Former Secretary, MNRE. By 2035 solar energy will be cheaper than any other form of energy.

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