Indian Railways distributes more than 85 lakh free meals and about 1.25 crore free water bottles to nearly 50 lakh migrants travelling in Shramik Special Trains

New Delhi: Indian Railways has distributed more than 85 lakh free meals and about 1.25 crore free water bottles to migrants travelling in Shramik Special Trains since 1st May 2020. This includes meals being prepared by Indian Railways’ PSU IRCTC and distributed by Zonal Railways. Food and water bottles are being provided to travelling migrants inall Shramik Special Trains. IRCTC is providing puri vegetable pickle, roti vegetable pickle, banana, biscuits, cake, biscuit namkeen, cake namkeen, veg pulao, pao bhaji, lemon rice pickle, upma, poha pickle etc. kind of meals to travelling migrants along with Rail Neer water bottles.

Subsequent to the Ministry of Home Affairs order regarding movement of migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students and other persons stranded at different places by special trains, Indian Railways has been operating “Shramik Special” trains form 1st May 2020.As on 28th May 2020, 3736 “Shramik Special” trains have been operationalized from various states across the country while about 67 are in the pipeline. On 27.05.2020, 172 Shramik Specials were originated. Till now, around 50lakh migrants have been transported through Shramik Special Trains in 27 days. It may be noted that trains running today are not facing any congestion.

These 3736 trains were originated from various states. The top five States/UTs from where maximum trains originated are Gujarat(979 Trains), Maharashtra(695 Trains), Punjab(397 Trains), Uttar Pradesh (263 Trains) and Bihar (263 Trains).

These “Shramik Special” Trains were terminated in various States across the country. The top five states where maximum trains terminated are Uttar Pradesh(1520 Trains), Bihar(1296 Trains), Jharkhand(167 Trains), Madhya Pradesh(121 Trains), Odisha (139 Trains).

In addition to Shramik specials, Railways are running 15 pairs of special trains connecting New Delhi and plans to start 200 more time tabled trains on 1st June.

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