India-Australia ties based on mutual trust and respect, says PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India-Australia relationship is based on mutual trust and respect and the real reason behind it is Indian diaspora. Addressing a community event at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, he said despite geographical distance and different lifestyles, Yoga and Cricket are something which have kept people of the two countries connected for ages. He added that now Tennis and Movies are also connecting bridges. He also said millions of Indians were saddened when Australian cricketer Shane Warne passed away. Mr Modi asserted that India has the world’s biggest talent factory and the International Monetary Fund considers the country as a bright spot in the global economy. He added that as per the World Bank, if there is any country which is withstanding global headwinds, it is India. The Prime Minister also said that India has made record exports even in the most challenging times.

Listing out achievements of India in various sectors in the last nine years, Prime Minister Modi highlighted that around 500 million bank accounts of people have been opened in the country and the whole eco-system of Public Delivery has been transformed. He said, today India is the fastest growing largest economy and it is also the number one smartphone data consumer in the world. Mr Modi also asserted that India is a vibrant civilisation of thousands of years and is the mother of democracy.

Mr Modi said, today India is being called the Force of global good. He added that wherever there is a disaster, India stands ready to help citing the recent example of Turkiye.

During the event, Prime Minister Modi announced that India will open a new consulate in Brisbane.

In his address, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said, when he had visited India in March this year, he felt a deep connection between the people of Australia and India. He described, Mr. Modi as what he called boss.

On the occasion, the two leaders also renamed the Sydney suburb as Little India.

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