Impressive Performance by Honda Racing India Team Riders in the Inaugural Round of the 2023 IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R

Coimbatore, 05 June 2023: The young riders of Honda Racing India Team showcased a thrilling display of racing prowess in the round 1 of 2023 IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R at the Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore.

The millennial riders raced their finest to grab laurels in the IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R and displayed utmost confidence and rode with poise on the racetrack. The inaugural round saw Kavin Quintal as the undisputed leader of IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF20R Open class.

Setting off a brilliant start, the race 1 saw remarkable performance from Chennai’s Kavin Quintal, who showcased his best skills on the track. Drawing on his previous racing experience and incorporating lessons from international races, Kavin competed fiercely and emerged victorious in securing the first position with a total lap time of 12:24.983. Not far behind, Mohsin P from Mallapuram narrowly missed the top spot by a mere 11.173 seconds, settling for second place with an impressive best lap time of 1:13.225 and overall lap time of 12:36.156. Meanwhile, Rakshith S Dave secured the third position, completing the race with a total lap time of 12:38.831. Unfortunately, two riders, Beedani Ravinder and AS James couldn’t finish the race as they met with a crash.

Racing on the Moto3 machine, race 2 of IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R was again dominated by Chennai’s Kavin Quintal who overpowered other riders and finished at 1st position clocking the best lap time of 1:12.636. Showing his calm and riding smoothly throughout the race, Kavin crossed the chequered line with the total lap time of 17:11.908. Proving his riding skills from the get-go, Chennai’s Rakshith S Dave also shined on the race track once again and finished the race at the 2nd position with the total lap time of 17:50.057.

Competing neck to neck for 3rd position was Prakash Kamat and AS James. Both the riders competed strongly and it was Prakash who accelerated quicker and got hold of the 3rd position. He further finished the race with a total lap time of 17:51.107. AS James later met with the crash in the 13th lap. The day further didn’t go well for riders Mohsin P and Samuel Martin.

Commenting on the round, Mr. Yogesh Mathur, Director – Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India said, “We are immensely proud of our riders and their outstanding performance in the inaugural round of the IDEMITSU Honda Talent Cup NSF250R. All the riders have shown their zeal and passion to set new records. Kavin has raced exceptionally well, perfectly displaying his experience of international racing. Seeing the strong determination of each rider, I am confident that this year will be another exciting season for the viewers and racing enthusiasts.”

The Honda Racing India team also showcased talent and skill during the qualifying round of the IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF 250R leaving a lasting impression on spectators. The team’s remarkable performance has set the stage for an electrifying racing season ahead.

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