Implementation of Broadcast Air-Time Scheduler (BATS) for all Commercial Operations of All India Radio

New Delhi : In view to streamline and automate the commercial operations of Prasar Bharati, Shri Mayank Agarwal, CEO, PB and Shri D.P.S. Negi, Member (Finance), PB inaugurated a fully integrated Traffic & Billing application software “Broadcast Air-Time Scheduler (BATS)” for all Commercial Operations of All India Radio” on 7th November, 2022 at Prasar Bharati Secretariat.

Speaking on the occasion Shri Mayank Agarwal, CEO, Prasar Bharati said that “AIR adopts integrated system for better services. BATS can bring about transparency into the entire operations and make the entire commercial operations very efficient. It allows monitoring of booking, billing and payment receipts etc. at various stages and system can provide various reports which are very essential in taking many management decisions. App is also available on mobile. Software is menu driven enterprise which has been customized to the need of All India Radio making it more handy and useful.”

Member Finance Shri D.P.S. Negi also said that “the most important advantage of full implementation of BATS will be to make the Receivable Management more effective and transparent. This will ensure that revenue leakages are avoided and will ensure 100% revenue assurance for the services rendered. It can be said that it’s a great milestone in the history of All India Radio to roll out BATS.”

BATS has been provided by M/s. Media Nucleus and has the following important features:

  1. To manage the scheduling and billing of advertising orders across multiple stations via one central database.
  2. Contracts are handled seamlessly from Release Order entry to single or multi-invoice billing.
  3. Increases operational efficiency and reduces cost.
  4. Media Sales Traffic increases the efficiency of the organization by providing traffic team a flexible solution for planning, scheduling and billing of spots.
  5. Ensures accurate billing by effectively managing account hierarchy, different Package and Products, Pricing plans, Content Rights Management, Automated Ad Booking along with Discounts offered on bulk deals, Charges, and Billing cycle Invoicing.
  6. Payment processing and collections through integrated Payment Gateway of SBI.

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