IIMC Dhenkanal Celebrates National Press Day

Dhenkanal: A special lecture was organised by the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Dhenkanal on the topic “Challenges before media in India” on the occasion of National Press Day here in the campus. Deliberating on this occasion, senior journalist and Editor In Chief of OMMCOM NEWS, Mr Jajati Karan opined that revenue crisis has compelled most of the media houses become mouthpieces of politicians and corporate and digital media platforms have the potential to break this vicious cycle.
“The biggest threat media houses are facing these days is credibility crisis. And the most important factor that had led our industry there is lack of proper revenue structure in the industry. Many leading media houses are either serving the interest of a few politicians and corporates or presenting sensational content for better viewership and more advertisements. Unfortunately, the viewers are reluctant to pay more for news while they keep spending for everything else. In order to meet the operational cost, most media houses are compelled to do things which are not very ethical,” said Mr Karan.
He also pointed out that the news business is going through a transition period and the dynamics are shifting in favor of the digital media.
“The only way to overcome this vicious cycle of crony capitalism is digital media. We have seen in last few years how digital platforms have published news those were being ignored by the mainstream media houses. It is because their cost of operation is very less and they don’t require too much money to sustain. Some news websites are operating solely depending on donations and this has enabled them to think beyond viewership and their advertisers’ interest. This is a very positive change,” he added.
Speaking on this occasion, Regional Director of IIMC, Dhenkanal Prof. Dr. Mrinal Charerjee said, “The news business is facing several challenges these days and we should be aware of these challenges not only as media students, but also as news consumers.”
The broacher of institute’s annual photography workshop, “Photographia 2017” was also launched at the event. Shefali Singh was awarded for winning the photography competition, held during the workshop. First Lab journal, Published by the students of the institute was also inaugurated on this occasion.


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