HPCL writes to Airtel Bank on subsidy issue

New Delhi: The OMCs and the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas have been getting a large number of complaints from consumers through various channels including social media, print media and VIP references regarding non-credit of the LPG subsidy amounts into their earlier bank accounts for the past few weeks.

In many cases across the three Oil Marketing Companies (IOCL, BPCL and HPCL) where the Adhaar linking of LPG consumers has got changed in the NPCI mapper to Airtel Bank and hence the LPG subsidy is getting sent to the new bank account in the Airtel Bank.
In order to link LPG Subsidy to earlier bank account, HPCL has written to Airtel Bank and requested that the subsidy amounts of these consumers be immediately either transferred back to the customer’s earlier bank account or to the respective OMC’s.

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