Google to invest 10 billion dollars in India’s digitisation fund; Amazon to infuse another 15 billion dollar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today separately met Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Amazon CEO Andrew Jassy, and Boeing CEO David Calhoun in Washington DC. After meeting Mr. Modi, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, he shared with the Prime Minister that Google is investing 10 billion dollars in India’s digitisation fund. He also announced the opening of Google’s global fintech operation centre in GIFT City, Gujarat.

Mr. Pichai said, Prime Minister’s vision for Digital India was way ahead of his time and he now sees it as a blueprint that other countries are looking to do. Amazon CEO Andrew Jassy said, his company is one of the biggest investors in India. He said, they have already invested 11 billion dollars and with an intention to invest another 15 billion dollars bringing the total to 26 billion dollars.

Boeing CEO David Calhoun said, the most important takeaway is the Prime Minister’s passion for India’s development. He said, Mr Modi has a specific interest in aviation, in aerospace. Mr. Calhun said, It is a big vision. He said, it’s great when technologies and opportunities align with the vision a leader has for the country.

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