“Fake medicine, injections sellers should be imprisoned for life” says Dr. Mishra

Bhopal: Home Minister Dr.Narottam Mishra has said that the government is considering that a provision of life imprisonment should be made for those who indulge in fraudulent use of fake medicines in the state.

Dr. Mishra said that the law department is being consulted for amending the law to take legal action against the enemies of human beings who trade fake drug injections.

Dr. Mishra said that the government will take strict action against those who sell fake medicines. At present, action is being taken under the National Security Act for selling fake drugs, but soon it will also be brought under the Food Adulteration Act. The Food Adulteration Act provides for life imprisonment against those who commit such acts. He said that a draft is being sent to the Law Department for this. Once finalized from the department, it will be incorporated into law. Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan himself has indicated the harsh action against such people.

Dr. Mishra has said that not only will strict action be taken against such people, but their property will also be seized and destroyed. The Home Minister has clarified that selling fake medicines is an evil crime and the government is going to take severe action against those who do so. He said that so far action has been taken against more than a dozen people under the National Security Act and the licenses of hospitals have also been revoked.

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