Madhya Pradesh: One crore metric tonnes of Rabi produce procured on support price from over 13.5 lakh farmers

Bhopal: The state government is procuring wheat, gram, lentils, and mustard on the support price from the farmers in the Rabi procurement. So far, over one crore metric tonnes of wheat, gram, and lentils have been procured from 13 lakh 54 thousand 497 farmers at 5171 procurement centers set up in the state.

Progress of Rabi procurement

This time 35 lakh 79 thousand 423 farmers got themselves registered in Rabi procurement. Out of this, registration of 35 lakh 64 thousand 569 farmers was verified. 5735 procurement centers were set up for purchase. Out of these 5171 centers are active. Out of these, procurement is being done at 4657 centers for wheat and 514 centers for gram, lentils, and mustard. SMS was sent to 32 lakh 74 thousand 625 farmers for purchasing the crop.

So far 99 lakh 38 thousand 29 metric tons of wheat have been purchased from 13 lakh 12 thousand 605 farmers, one lakh 10 thousand 480 metric tons of gram from 41 thousand 850 farmers, and 17 metric tons of lentils from 37 farmers. Thus far, one crore of 48 thousand 526 metric tonnes of produce has been purchased at the support price, which is worth 20 thousand 191 crores. Out of this, a payment of Rs. 15 thousand 476 crores have been made to the concerned farmers. Out of the purchased product, 92 lakh 64 thousand 858 metric tons have also been transported.

Principal Secretary Food Mr. Faiz Ahmad Kidwai informed that during the Corona crisis, the procurement from the farmers should not be affected, for this, the government has made adequate security arrangements at each procurement center. For this, there is no rush of farmers at the centers, for this, the farmers were informed about SMS coming to the center. This time the protocol is being strictly followed in view of corona infection at the procurement centers.

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